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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Plan for fabrication of Steel Structures

Step 1:

We’ll release the order of steel sections who manufacture good quality of steel as per IS Specification with a tolerance of + 2% in weight and + 0.5 % in dimension.

Step 2:

After the readiness of steel section we’ll inspect the same at their works according to tolerance. We have dedicated person who checks quality of raw material, semi finished and finished goods regularly at fixed intervals.

Step 3:

We use in house calibrated dies and punches for cutting and punching of steel sections.

We measure the steel sections which are cropped and punched after every hundred sets. We also measure the dies and punches after every one thousand strokes. We also check weight and measurements of the steel sections at regular intervals.

Step 4:

 We use ISI Earthing Roads for welding the steel sections. So the uniformity of the welding results ok. Also the strength of the welding is checked regularly.

Step 5:

We regularly update the stock of Raw material, semi finished and finished goods.